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Peer started in mid-2017 with SludgeFeed, a news website focused on cryptocurrency and technology. In early 2018, the team began developing the industry's first 100-altcoin index, the AltDex 100 (ALT100), as a benchmark for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.


AltDex, a crypto index platform, launched in July 2018, offering investors a way to monitor major cryptocurrencies and the overall market. The site started with three indices: the AltDex 100, Exchange Index (ALTEXC), and Privacy Index (ALTPRV). A fourth index was launched in August to track the leading masternode-based cryptocurrencies (ALTMSN).


OUR Platforms.

SludgeFeed's mission is to provide our readers with the latest news in Cryptocurrency, Tech, Startups, Blockchain, Gaming... and anything else online.​

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AltDex provides market capitalization-weighted crypto indices that serve as benchmarks across multiple digital asset categories.

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Craig Russo

Co-Founder, Managing Editor of SludgeFeed.

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Tom Stankewicz

Co-Founder, Editor in Chief of SludgeFeed.

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Samantha Ward

Marketing and Creative Lead.

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